Andok SurEdit

Andok Sur is an ancient necropolis buried under the Old Hills in the northeastern reaches of the Nentir Vale. It was ancient even before the rise of Bael Turoth. The site was dedicated to the demon prince Orcus and warriors of the eastern valley would entomb their enemies there, while thy were still alive. Tombs and mausoleums lined the streets, like houses in a normal city.

Then, centuries ago, the vampire Zarguna turned the city into the capital of a thriving empire of the dead. Much of what would become the Nentir Vale fell into his grasp as the living became slaves and cattle of the undead. This brought the city to the attention of Bael Turoth, Arkhosia, the dwarven empire of Mithralfast, and even the gods themselves. At the height of the empires power, a mighty earthquake cracked the ground beneath the city and it was swallowed by the earth and buried. There it would lay, forgotten by memory and by time. Or so it was believed.

The coming of the litch Malgrim awoke the city and attempted to resurect the city of the undead. Although Malgrim was defeated by a group of adventurers, they did not destroy all the undead. With the way to Andok Sur open again, undead have begun wandering the Old Hills, posing a new threat to the living. Even more concerning is the rumors that a fiendish green dragon has claimed a portion of the city as it's lair.