• Population: 6,500, mostly humans, elves, and half elves.
  • Government: Circle of Peers composed of the various gang leaders, headed by the Lord Mayor selected by the Circle. The current Lord Mayor is Erisa Malinboch (Female NE half elf Rogue 5)
  • Defenses: Each gang is a small army in itself, but it would take extrodinary circumstances to force them to work together. One of the members of the Circle of Peers is secretly a CN Mature Adult Bronze Dragon who considers the city her territory and will fight to defend it.

Barrinsgate began as a semi permenant bandit encampment and has slowly grown into a semi legitimate merchant city. The bandits have evolved into full fledged organized crime syndicates, but they manage to avoid open warfare between the groups by dividing up the various rackets in town rather than fighting each other over them. The heads of the various families comprise the Circle of Peers and they ensure that the laws are followed and everyone gets an equal slice of the pie.

Amazingly, Barrinsgate is generally a safe place to visit. because the syndicates know that they cannot build their wealth without outside money, they keep the streets fairly safe from crime. Although the occasional "accident" has been known to occur, particularly if people get too noisy or flash too much cash, the gangs have actually managed to keep the city one of the safest in the old empire. Most visitors to the city never even realize that organized crime runs the city.