• Black-dragons
    Capital: Valsathis
  • Government: Monarchy ruled by King Gramitysis (Male LN Ancient Gold Dragon Wizard 15)
  • Defenses: 4000 active duty soldiers, 15,000 man militia, Large number of dragons that will aid in any military campaign
  • Religion: Erathis, Ioun, Tiamat

Blacksmoke is unique because it is a kingdom ruled by dragons. It is the last remnant of Arkhosia and there are rumors that the ruler is the offspring of The Golden One, Arkhosia's ruler. Gramitysis does his best to stop these rumors, but that just makes them spread faster.

Blacksmoke is an isolationist and expansionist kingdom, only importing what they absolutely cannot produce. They also live with the memory of the war with Bael Turath and as a result any nearby kingdom that show signs of becoming powerful enough to threaten the kingdom is "invited" the join the realm. As such it has become a growing regional power on the Arm of the Gods peninsula and acts as a buffer between the Iron Circle and the pirates of Vailin. Recently Gramitysis has begin sending expeditions into the Broken Lands to search for Arkhosian artifacts.