The Broken LandsEdit

The Broken Lands lay along the Tarsem Coast, west of the Mistcrown Mountains and south of the elven kingdom of Tarsembor. Once the land was a fertile and wealthy kingdom who's name has been lost to antiquity. However that kingdom was destroyed in a war fought with unimaginable magic, some of which is slowly being rediscoved by the wizards of Karkoth. In the last great battle of the war, the realm that is now The Broken Lands was devasted when their enemies called down the very stars from the sky and destroyed the realm and shattered the land where it lived.

The Broken Lands today are a haven for humanoids. By far the most powerful force is the orc confederation led by King Thog. Smarter and more patient than many others of his kind, Thog has managed to unite several tribes to his banner and has established the beginning of an actual orc nation in The Broken Lands. Bugbears, goblins, and hobgoblins also wander the land in small tribes, raiding and pillaging to survive. Some of the more skilled humanoids have even turned to piracy. Finally a large population of kobolds live in the southern reaches of the region along the finges of the Zannad Jungle. Finally drow from the Mistcrown Mountains have a large influence on the region as the manipulate the various humanoids that live there into attacking the elves of Tarsembor.