• Dloe duponde map
    Population: 1,000; mostly humans
  • Government: Hereditary rule by the Arnaud family. The current ruler is Lady Celice Arnaud (N Female human aristocrat 3)
  • Defenses: Marshall Grimbold (LG Male goliath fighter 4) oversees as small police force of 15 men. Additionally Lady Arnaud has a manor guard of 30 men.

Duponde is a small town on the White River a few days north of Harkenwould. The town sits on the road between Fallcrest and Sarthel and that is one of the few things that keep the town going. In recent years much of the area surrounding Duponde has been abandoned particularly to the south of the city.

Duponde houses a dark legacy. In the town's graveyard, now half buried by overgrowth, is the grave of Evard the Black, a once notorious mage. He was killed fifty years ago in a duel with his rival that destroyed the ancient monastary that once sat on the site of the graveyard. The body of his rival was never found. Many whisper that the death of Evard was the start of the town's downfall. Others tell of a curse on the town which was what drew Evard here in the first place. No one knows what the truth is, but they all agree that something has to change or the town will die altogether.