• Population: 450, mostly humans.
  • Government: Collectivism
  • Defenses: None, the villagers mostly look out for themselves.

Elkridge is a strange community. It is composed mostly of artists who have gathered together to essentially do their own thing. They live a communal existance, trading the artwork they produce for things that they need like food and supplies. They also have no military, but leave matters of protection up to the individual villagers. Fortunately they built their town in a very peaceful area, or it would have been detroyed a long time ago.

Recently the ruins of an ancient dragonborn city were discovered near the village. Ustraternes was a flying city that was one of the crowning achievements of the Arkhosia, until the wizards of Bael Turoth discovered a way to undo the enchantments that held it aloft. The city crashed and eventually became overgrown, and was named Mourning Summit. The discovery that the hill is actually a ruin has led to an influx of adventurers and scholars to the region. It remans seen whether the region can retain it's bucolic charm in the face of these newcomers or not.