• Hammerfast
    Population: 12,000, mostly dwarves
  • Government: Town council compossed of two representatives of each of the town's three guilds. Mayor elected by the council.
  • Defenses: 200 full time soldiers

Hammerfast is a bizzare city. Built withing the confines of a dwarven necropolis, the living dwarves dwell alongside dead dwarves and orcs from a long forgotten empire. Oddly this does not seem to bother the dwarves at all, they actually consider it an honor to live in this city.

Hammerfast is divided into three distinct wards which are comprised by concentric rings. The first ward is called the Gate Ward and consists of the outer most ring. The Gate Ward is the only ward that is open to outsiders. Within the Gate Ward you find the citiy's two inns, the Arcane Star and Rondal's Inn. the Arcane Star is the more exclusive and expensive of the two. The Foundation Stone is the ward's only tavern and is known for being an adventurer's tavern. The atmosphere is rather boistrous and exciting there. Also the Gate Ward has a number of open air markets where most common goods can be purchased.

The second ward is known as the Merchant's Ward, although it is actually home to most of the city's population. here you will find the city's forges and workshops that feed the markets in the Gate Ward. The inner ward is called the Temple Ward and is home to the temples and the government buildings for the city. The temple of Moradin is the central temple of the city and temples to Ioun and Pelor can also be found in the city.