The Empire of IzmerEdit

  • Capital: Sumdall
  • Government: Magocracy ruled by Empress Savina (Female human NG Wizard 7) who is advised by the Council of Mages
  • Defenses: The Crimson Guard, an army of 7,000 soldiers, provides both defense and police functions.
  • Religion: Corellon, Ioun, Vecna

The Empire of Izmer is really just a barony with delusions of grandeur. The "empire" actually consists of two cities, Sumdall and Antius, and a number of villages and towns scattered throughout the region south of the Silvershield Mountains and north of the Dragonclaw Peaks. The nation is a rough place for non-mages; if you do not have magical ability you have no chance of rising above the middle class at best.

The imperial family maintains it's power through the use of a rod of dragon control. This artifact is rumored to be a weapon from the ancient war between Arkhonia and Bael Turoth, and indeed Sumdall is built on top of a tiefling ruin. There is a thriving black market in tiefling artifacts in both Sumdall and Antius, and some whisper that some of the mages use magic devices to retain their position rather than actual talent.

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