The Barony of the Emerald BladeEdit

  • Alignment: NG
  • Capital: Nesmalen (8,360)
  • Notable Settlements: Anduiros (6,540), Faldrin Vale (980), Nesgard Keep (1,270), Saris (740)
  • Ruler: Baron Garas Merind (NG male half-elf aristocrat 6)
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Languages: Common, Elven
  • Religion: Corellon, Erathis, Pelor, Sehanine

Merindaelion is home to a unique people. Born from elves struggling to maintain their society and the human mercenaries that they hired to protect them, Merindaelion is a dynamic society that combines the elegence and long term thinking of elven culture with the adaptability and vibrancy of human culture.

The barony is also a bastion of trade; some say that it is also a haven for pirates. Both are true to a certain extent. The independent shipowners and captains that call the ports of Merindealion are quick to turn to piracy during lean seasons. So long as the baron recieves his share, he is happy to turn a blind eye to the activities. He is also quite willing to issue letters of marque.

The nation is ruled by House Merind who's symbol is an ancient magical sword named Perifal. This bastard sword is made of a type of mithral ore that gives it a greenish tint and the handle is wrappled in leather taken from the throat of a green dragon. This is the emerald blade that the barony took it's name from, and it is depicted on every flag, standard, and sail in the land.