• Alignment: LG
  • Capital:Alam-Reth (30,000)
  • Notable Settlements: Zagramor (7,450), Feyadyn (2,300), Kuthanyn (2,050), Barith Bay (575), Suthmar (250)
  • Ruler: Magnate Tisera Sathandin (LN female human transmuter 8)
  • Government: Monarchy
  • Languages: Common
  • Religion: Bahamut, Ioun, Moradin, The Raven Queen

Rethmil lies trapped between the Dragon Sea and the forces of the Iron Circle. As the last free kingdom west of the Black Stone Desert, the land stands fast against the expanding power of Asmodeus and his followers. The citizens of Rethmil see themselves as the last bastion between freedom and the complete conquest of the Altaran Peninsula by the Iron Circle.

Taking the lead in the defense of the realm are the Hyarthan Knights. This order of mage warriors is dedicated to Bahamut and is sworn to defend both the realm and House Sathandin personally. During the period of Nerathi imperial domination the order was forced into exile when Nerath and a group of disgruntalled nobles overthrew House Sathandin and put House Tedrazar on the throne. When Nerath fell, the Knights returned to lead a rebellion and restore the Sathandins to power.

Magic is highly respected in Rethmil. The three Rethmili magic academies are some of the most repected in the world. The schools of Ascarmel, Derdeth, and Sagamar accept both nobles and commoners and train them in the magic arts. Each school has intense rivalries with the other two and often times those rivalries affect the politics of the realm more than the normal alliances between the noble families.

The biggest threat to Rethmil's self proclaimed mission to protect the Altaran Penninsula from the Iron Circle may not come from without but from within. Many of the nobles who were allied with House Tedrazar were granted parole when the Sathandins returned to power. However, many were not pleased with the change in power or the exile of the Tedrazars to Relis Vullin. Many of these dissatisfied nobles have made secret alliance with the Iron Circle. Some have even become high ranking memebers of the outlawed Church of Asmodeus. Many common citizens have aligned with the Circle as well; they believe that under the Iron Circle all will be made equal and that they will recieve rewards for their support.