• Population: 15,000; mostly humans, dwarves, halflings, and tieflings.
  • Government: Ruled by the High Seneschal elected by a twenty person Council of Nobles. The current High Seneschal is Klaran Meitor (Male LE human conjurer 6). Much of the Council of Nobles is under the influnce of the Iron Circle.
  • Defenses: 1,000 full time solders consisting of 800 infantry and 200 cavalry. Each noble house also has a force of anywhere from 200 to 800 soldiers under arms.

Aside from Nerra itself, Sarthel is the largest surviving city in the heartland of the old Empire of Nerath. It sits on the shores of Lake Sarn and is known far and wide for it's silver works and it's great markets. The land surrounding Sarthel is perfect for raising cattle and a large ranching industry has grown up in the area. Sarthel is a city on the verge of becoming an empire. Many of the nobles eye the towns and villages of the Dragondown Coast a mere hundred miles to the east as the possible seeds of a Sarthel empire.

Sarthel also has a dark side. The Asmodeus worshiping Iron Circle has secretly infiltrated the city, converting many of the nobles to their side. They are behind the sudden imperialistic streak in the city and if Sarthel begins to build an empire it his highly likely that they would bring northern regions like Harkenwold into the empire as well. However, the presence of the Iron Circle has also created friction between the cultists and more good hearted members of the nobility. It is just as likely that a civil war will erupt in Sarthel as it is that they will begin a war of expansion.