• Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Trickery, Moon, Love, Autumn
  • Domains: Air, Charm, Healing, Good, Trickery
  • Favored Weapon: Shortbow

Sehanine is perhaps the most "human" of the gods. Only Pelor is more involved in mortal affairs, and even he is not interested in the minutia of mortal life. Marriages are sealed in her name, and lovers pray to her to hide their indiscretions from others. Sehanine is married to Corellon and is allies with Pelor and The Raven Queen as one of the gods of the seasons. She is also friends with Avandra and Melora. Sehanine encourages her followers to avoid zealotry and walk the middle line. She is enemies with Gruumsh, Lolth (who was Corellon's first wife), Asmodeus, and Zehir.

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