The Nentir ValeEdit

The Nentir Vale only a few short centuries ago was a sparsely settled wilderness. As the Empire of Nerath grew It became became the site of a key border keep on the empire's northern border. The one keep grew into several and several small towns and farming villiages grew up to support the army and to trade with the dwarves of the town of Hammerfast.

As the borderlands became more settled, the children of some of the Nerathi nobles began to move to the region and claim land for their own. They established manors, settlements, and even monastaries through out the region. However, when the empire collapsed many of the nobles left and their manors fell into ruins. The few settlements that did survive are small and mostly self-sufficent. However, some have set their sights on this region and the possible nucleus of a new empire, and persistant rumors whisper that the lost heir to the imperial throne may be living in obscurity somewhere in the vale.

Major SettlementsEdit

Geographic FeaturesEdit

  • Cairngorm Peaks
  • Chaos Scar
  • Dawnforge Mountains
  • Gardbury Downs
  • Harken Forest
  • Lake Nen
  • Lake Wintermist
  • Stonemarch
  • Thunderspire Peak
  • White River
  • Witchlight Fens
  • Winter River
  • Winterbole Forest


  • Andok Sur
  • Fastormel
  • Gardbury Abby
  • Inverness Castle
  • Kobold Hall
  • Raven Roost
  • Shadowfell Keep
  • Temple of The Yellow Skulls