• Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Headqurters: Sarthel
  • Leader: Horhorn Urthadar
  • Structure: Military Heirarchy
  • Scope: Regional
  • Resources: Chapterhouse, snitches, armory, healing, spell research

Background: The Silver Hand was created by the High Seneschal of Sarthel as an organization that would be loyal to the city as a whole and not to any particular lord. They are tasked to be the ruler's eyes and ears throughout the city and it's surrounding lands. Their responsibilities include gathering information, rooting out cults and other disreputable groups, investigating crimes, protecting the land from monsters, and generally promoting the general welfare of the city.

Although they nominally answer to the High Seneschal, the Silver Hand has a great deal of leeway in how they fulfill their mission. They have the authority to investigate anyone in the city if they suspect them of wrong doing, including the High Seneschal himself. The only authority that the Silver Hand is bound to respect is that of the High Commander of the Silver Hand. In order to ensure that the group remains true to it's purpose the High Commander appoints his own succesor upon retirement. If a High Commander is slain without naming a successor then one is appointed by a commsion compossed of the High Seneschal, one member from the Council of Lords, the chief clerics of the churches of Pelor and Erathis, and the commanders of the City Watch and the militia.