• Winterhaven
    Population: 950, mostly humans. Most of the citizens live on small farms outside the town walls.
  • Government: Ruled by Lord Ernest Padraig (Male LN human Aristocrat 5).
  • Defenses: 10 soldiers that function as police. A small militia of 50 men.

Winterhaven is a small town hard against the Cairngorm Peaks. It is surrounded by farms and pasture and most of the people who claim citizenship in the town actually live outside of it's walls. The location of the town protects it from dangerous monsters, who do not like traversing the Cairngorm range. They do have problems with kobolds and goblins but that is about it.

Winterhaven does see a fair bit of traffic from adventurers in spite of it's size. This is because of the close proximity to serveral ancent ruins that dot the western end of the Nentir Vale. They have a single inn as a result, Wrafton's Inn, and a small market place that sells most common goods. A small temple of Avandra provides healing services for a small fee.